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  1. 7 weeks? I just waited 7 months for an order from EPS (well worth it tho...not a single bit of disappointment in the work done). If you tell us what jerseys you want done we can give you more specific answers. But if you just want to one place for everything, the two most common options I think are triple threat and exclusive pro sports. But if time is of the essence, I'd avoid EPS.
  2. White retail authentics haven't been available all year...so I snagged a dykstra game worn from their fundraiser "alumni" game last week for 200 bucks. I plan to strip it and was pretty confident they didn't wear plates but all these gamers from the alumni game have plates, I'm assuming to save time in preparation. Hopefully it strips clean.
  3. Thanks bud, don't know why I couldn't find that
  4. Anyone know if the stars are using nameplates on this year's white jerseys? For some reason I can't find any pictures online clear enough to see.
  5. Thanks guys, and I second slims idea, post that stuff up on youtube! Anybody here know who can do the font correctly? Eps?
  6. Hey guys, does anybody know for sure and perhaps have some photographic evidence as to whether or not the 1991-92 north stars wore the anniversary patch on the shoulder while wearing their pre-season rare font jerseys? Every example I can find of someone customizing a jersey with this font includes the patches however the only picture I can find on the internet of this jersey actually being worn is of Shane Churla and he clearly does not have the patch on his jersey. Anybody know?
  7. Nujerzey...brilliant idea. I don't know how I overlooked oates. Pretty sure he wore the A as well. Slim...I'd love to do authentic patches all the time, but that's one area I've learned to just live with for the sake of actually getting jerseys customized rather than have them sit in the closet for years looking for a patch. For my rangers jerseys I'm usually a bit more picky but otherwise I'll usually settle for a replica.
  8. Ok, next jersey in question, St. Louis Blues. Gonna put the nhl 75th patch and blues 25th patch. Hull or shanahan seem like obvious choices but what you you guys think of a rich or Ron sutter with the full name?
  9. Anyone have an idea where I can find a green nhl2000 patch for a stars jersey? Blue seems to be fine a dozen but that green is proving to be a tough find. If anyone has one laying around I'd be willing to pay top dollar to make this zubov complete!
  10. What's the plan for a blank blue starter?
  11. Gpq...Jim wouldn't have put it on there if it wasn't right. Jersey looks awesome bud, enjoy it. A quick Google search shows numerous photos of leetch wearing the A.
  12. Good God dude...the only reason they make gretzky rangers jerseys is for people to get good deals and then strip. Please don't defile brian like that!
  13. Greschner and puddubny were some of the first names that came to mind however the strip job on the jersey left behind some color stain from where they ironed the old numbers down. It was a 15 so I'm trying to at the very least pick a two digit number to redo it with to cover as much of this as possible. Malette isn't a bad idea Mike...do you not like the dionne idea?
  14. Who mentioned maruk yesterday... Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=231091791412
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