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  1. You pay for the tote and then you get a random player out of 10. Only 10 per player were available.
  2. Picked this up tonight at the Sharks game as pard of the teal totes fundraiser for the Sharks foundation. First time I have had a chance to get anything Adidas made in Canada so I jumped at the chance! These aren't game worn or anything just a special edition thing the foundation did. Absolutely love the jersey! Goes without saying how much better these are than the indo Adidas jerseys in stores and online.
  3. Jersey from JB, customized by EPS And then a frame arrive today for my autographed game-worn Couture jersey! \
  4. Disregard. The numbers on the back and on the sleeves are perforated
  5. Easy! Haha Personally I think it looks pretty good but I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore perfectionist on these things. The nameplates material is spot on to the rest of the material. The numbers do not have actual perforations in them. On closer inspection it appears that some of the dots are actual perforations but not all of them. I’m actually quite happy with it and will not be returning it. Still waiting on the white version though which I ordered blank and will send to EPS. Going to take this black jersey to a local sports embroider to get the patch sewn on. heres a close
  6. Hey now he’s been pretty good lately! Not just talking about the offensive numbers he’s been putting up. Him and Karlsson played most of the Tampa game and shut down their top guys. But anyway I’m off topic. I saw fanatics and NHL shop have the all the blanks up now. Question on for you guys. The fanatics replicas have the ASG patch on the left shoulder. But I read online it will be on the right shoulder. Also when watching the Preds/Hawks game yesterday at intermission there was some bit where Subban gave Jossi and Rinne their jerseys and the patch was on the right s
  7. I am too. If it’s 💩 I’ll just return it
  8. I thought of that and actually asked. They said they get a lot directly from adidas pre customized of star players (Burns, Karlsson) but then will send away a bunch of blanks to their customizer to get others done based on demand.
  9. Good to know. I talked to a couple people who ordered from them recently and they said the quality was fine. I ordered one and will post pics when I get it. If it sucks I’ll send it back
  10. So even this that they already have up for sale and ships next day you’re saying would be poop? The fanatics store at SAP has pre customized jerseys all the time and I cant tell the difference between those and the adidas jerseys I sent to EPS. https://www.fanatics.com/nhl/san-jose-sharks/brent-burns-san-jose-sharks-adidas-2019-nhl-all-star-game-parley-authentic-player-jersey-black/o-4639+t-92045399+p-2503753193+z-8-752570905
  11. Has anyone bought a pre customized jersey from nhl shop online or fanatics lately? Is the quality ok? Wanted to pick up a Burns jersey they are currently selling. Would save a lot of time over buying a blank and sending to EPS
  12. They released a teaser of it today and one of them looks like its going to be like the new Sharks 3rd jersey
  13. I sent EPS a jersey st the beginning of October and only just got the invoice last week. Probably the longest I have ever waited for them
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