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    Scott Stevens, Dino Ciccarelli, Lou Franceschetti, Jeremy Roenick, Patrick Kane, Wayne Gretzky, Fedorov, Bure, and Mogilny
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    Caps jerseys, double CCM Gretzkys, and anything from the '96 WCoH

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  1. Well, how serious are you? I've only had several listed on eBay for the last year or so. I'm sure you've seen them. Have a Hawerchuk too but it's more expensive than this one.
  2. Looking for trade, show me what you got
  3. STOP SPREADING THAT RUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!! The 1994 Stanley Cup patch was the same on all 4 jerseys, the Canucks and the Rangers. No difference in sizes.
  4. clean out your inbox, I can't message you
  5. Great transaction with Classichockeyjerseys, glad to help that dude out with whatever he needs, good guy
  6. FIGHT STRAPS - Looking for a couple of loose CCM style fight straps, small flat more recent style. Metal snaps, just don't want the white plastic style
  7. ISO Blue Alt 99-00 Florida Panthers Pro Player authentic or gamer in a size 56 or larger. Blank or Bure preferred.
  8. The amount of money you're gonna pay for all three to be original, or the decades it will take you to find all 3 loose, you will be better off finding a gamer for $1000 and stripping it.
  9. Looking for a Carolina Hurricanes Chiasson 3 Memorial patch, the vinyl style not the repo that is embroidered. Top dollar paid.
  10. I'll try again, I know somebody has one that they will sell, I'm not afraid to pay top dollar. PM me.
  11. I don't think they were even used because of severe weather, we had 70MPH winds that day so practice was canceled.
  12. Sorry if this was stated earlier, didn't have time to go through every post but I confirmed there will be NO summer sale this year.
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