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  1. I can't really disagree with you there. One good thing about the sublimation process is that the color never fades. I've had an Ovechkin Moscow Dynamo jersey for 5 years now I think. I wear it when I play out at pickup, the tags inside are are all worn out so you can't see them anymore, but the color of the jersey is still the same as the day i got it. Vancouver actualy used a hybrid, sublimated jersey with cresting when they did their third jersey a few years ago, the jersey was red at the top and "faded"into blue at the bottom, it was a really good look and was awesome with the cresting. If
  2. They are part of the original Moscow Dynamo design, here is the jersey in action (well sort of):
  3. For my old timers team, i created a design based on the Moscow Dynamo's jerseys from mid-late 90's here they are. I re-colored and added our own logo. They were actually manufactured bt Lutch via Terry Elkins Global Hockey. Unfortunately he's no longer in business and I don't think i'll be able to get more as players move on to other things or leagues... Above the logo, it says Calgary in Russian. The white jersey is the final edition of the logo, so the Russian Calgary is above the logo and not integrated I'll add actual photos later.
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